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Herman Goering

Hermann Göring – Marszałek Rzeszy

12.01.1893 – 15.10.1946 Prime Minister of Prussia and 2nd in succession in Nazi Germany behind Hitler

Decorated WWI combat pilot (Iron Cross First Class and Pour le Merite), air ace (shooting down 22 allied aircraft) and last commander of the German “Flying Circus”, Richtofen Fighter Squadron in World War I. Barnstormer and show flier in Scandinavia after WWI and before becoming involved with Nazi Party. Commander-in-chief-of-Luftwaffe, President of the Reichstag, Prime Minister of Prussia and 2nd in succession in Nazi Germany behind Hitler.

He spent two years in a mental asylum (1925-7), became a lifelong morphine addict, was responsible with Himmler and Heydrich for setting up the first concentration camps, directed the purge which led to the murder of Rohm and the SA leaders, ordered the elimination of Jews from the German economy, stole their possessions (and those of countries occupied by the Nazis) to build an immense wealth of his own, and instructed Heydrich in 1941 to ‘carry out a general solution of the Jewish question’ in territories occupied by the Nazis. Convicted for crimes against humanity with other Nazi leaders in the 1946 Nuremberg Trials, he was sentenced to death. However, he was somehow smuggled cyanide in his prison cell, which he used to commit suicide just hours before his scheduled execution. His remains were cremated in the oven at Dachau concentration camp along with many other Nazi criminals. The ashes were raked out and scattered in an unknown river.


During World War II, he stayed mainly in his hunting lodge in the Romincka Forest. In the Hitler’s quarters (where he stayed occasionally) he had at his disposal object no. 16 (the house of the marshal of the Reich).