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Other Hitler headquarters

Other Hitler’s Headquarters in Europe

(FHQ) – these were objects or complexes of objects in which the “chief” (German Führer) – Adolf Hitler stayed and officially ruled Germany during World War II.

The integral components of FHQ were also having their code names and often separate locations of the headquarters:

  • Armed Forces CommandOKW (Ger. Oberkommando der Wehrmacht)
  • Land Forces Command – OKH (Ger. Oberkommando des Heeres)
  • Air Fleet CommandOKL (Ger. Oberkommando der Luftwaffe)
  • Navy Command – OKM (Ger. Oberkommando der Marine)
  • Marshal of the Reisch (Ger. Quartier der Reichsmarschalls)
  • Head of the Reich Chancellery (Ger. Quartier des Chefs der Reichskanzlei)
  • Head of the SS and Gestapo (Ger. Quartier des SS und Gestapo Chef)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ger. Residenz des Aussenministers)
  • Airfield in range of max 30km

Often, OKW was even located in FHQ or in the immediate vicinity, while OKM did not leave the Reich at all. This was due to the importance of individual facilities according to the principle: the more important, the closer to Hitler.

In total, during the II wordl war, Germans built over 150 permanent and mobile facilities that could be components of command centers and could be used as elements of FHQ. However, the most important were only 10 of them. The Wolf’s Lair was undoubtedly the largest, the most strategic – and in terms of the number of days spent in it – the most-used Fuhrer’s War Headquarters. He wasn’t the only one, of course. The names of the three main quarters – namely Wolfsschanze, Werewolf and Wolfsschlucht – were given by Hitler in accordance with the nickname “Herr Wolf” (Mr. Wolf) he used in the 1920’s. Others wore different codenames, such like:

  1. Amerika – Special urmored train “America“. Location: West Pomerania, Lower Silesia, Upper Silesia.
  2. FHQ Felsennest – or “Rock Nest“. Location: Rodert, south of Bad Münstereifel, Germany.
  3. FHQ Wolfsschlucht I – or “Wolf’s Jar“. Location: Brûly-de-Pesche, next to Couvin, in Wallonia, Belgium.
  4. FHQ Tannenberg – or “Kniebis Fir Mountain“. Location: west of Freudenstadt, Black Forest, Germany.
  5. FHQ Frühlingssturm – or “Spring Storm“. Location: Mönichkirchen, south of Wiener Neustadt, Austria.
  6. Anlage Süd – or “Strzyżów“. Location: Cieszyna-Stępina Strzyżów, north of Krosno. Poland.
  7. FHQ Wehrwolf – or “Werewolf“. Location: north of Vinnytsia, Ukraine.
  8. FHQ Wolfsschlucht II – or “Wolf’s Jar 2“. Location: Margival, east of Soissons, France.
  9. FHQ Adlerhorst – or “Eagle’s Nest“. Location: Ziegenberg, west of Ober-Mörlen, Taunus Mountains, Germany.

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