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Joseph Goebbels

Joseph Goebbels


29.10.1897 – 1.05.1945 Minister of propaganda and public Enlightment of the Third Reich.

One of the most important Nazi leaders. From 1933, he was the Minister of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment of the Third Reich. One of Hitler’s closest and most trusted collaborators. In the last days of the Third Reich, he became the Chancellor. A war criminal. A philanthropist of Hitlerism. During the NSDAP route to rule of Germany, directed all propaganda actions. Subsequently, as the propaganda minister, he exerted a decisive influence on all areas of cultural and intellectual life, molding German society in the spirit of obedience to tyranny, racial hate and the predestination of the German people to rule the world (Herrenvolk).

In April 1945, he decided to move with his family to Hitler’s bunker. In the political last will, Hitler appointed him as his successor to the position of Chancellor of the Reich, so for a few hours after his death Goebbels formally held the office of the Chancellor of the Reich. At 1st May 1945, after establishing a terrifying plan, he killed his wife Magda, who previously swallowed a capsule with cyanide, shooting her in the back of her head. Before that, their six children were murdered with assistance of Dr. Stumpfegger (historical sources say that they were given cyanide candies or “medicine” to drink). Chldren name were: Helga (12), Hildegard (11), Helmut (9), Hedwig (8 years old), Holdine (7 years old), Heidrun (4 years).

Then Goebbels himself committed suicide around 20:30 (some historical sources say that he committed suicide in the garden in front of the Reich’s bunker).

Josef Goebbels wrote among others “Kampf um Berlin” (Fight for Berlin, 1932), and “Vom Kaiserhof zur Reichskanzlei” (From the imperial court to the Chancellery of the Reich, 1934).