Tourist base


Wolf's Lair is available to the public from 8.00 am until dusk.

Our guests are welcome in a hotel and restaurant, placed in the former building of Hitler’s personal security headquarters - the perfect place for visitors of nearby attractions and an excellent base for leisure seekers in Mazurian forests. While visiting Wolf's Lair you can also visit surrounding: Wegorzewo, Swieta Lipka, Reszel Castle,Mauerwald, Ketrzyn or Giżycko.

Our hotel guests are exempt from the fee for entry and parking.
Cash machine available on premises in season.

HOTEL (located in the building of Hitler's adjutans) has 55 beds:

  • 4 single rooms
  • 24 double rooms
  • 1 family room (for 3 people)

All rooms are equipped with bathroom or shower and toilets.

During your stay, have some rest in hotel's reception lounge, where you can enjoi a hot or cold beverage, cable TV, magazines and free WI-Fi. Visitors can either hire a licensed guide or visit the headquarters on the designated trials on their own.

We invite you also to our climatic restaurant located in former bunker, serving delicious regional, Mazurian cuisine. In the summer season, for all guests visiting the historic ruins a beer garden and snack bar is open daily. The restaurant can seat up to 80 guests at a time.

We assure free parking for hotel guests.

Suffering from lack of adrenaline? Want to test your sniper abilities? Visit our new shooting range in General Jodl's Staff bunker (number 17) here at the Wolf's Lair. Both adults and children are invited to test their abilities with airsoft replicas of historical WWII weapons and air-guns. Our shooting range is open daily, throughout the day. Visit us - such an opportunity doesn't come often!

On the grounds of Wolf's Lair and in surrounding areas there is also a possibility of organizing integration parties, corporate and extreme events, rallies , historical reconstructions and all kinds of organized events - please visit the "Integration Headquaters" and see a completely new offer -

The pictures currently on our website were made by ZALUSKart - check out our photographer's portfolio -

In the tourist season (April - October) we invite you to take part in tourist rides. A military truck and a German VW Kurierwagen are stationed the Wolf's Lair in both of which you can explore the surrounding bunkers in the second security zone. You can also take a picture dressed up in appropriate clothes beside a mini-collection of second war memorabilia.

Staying in Wolf's Lair, you can visit also local aeroclub "Land of Lakes", nearby the former headquarters, where you can order scenic flight-trips and take part in numerous air events. The surrounding lakes and forests invite anglers, bikers, mushroom pickers, water sport, wildlife, off-road and horseback riding lovers and many more! From the nearby Wegorzewo (30km) you can take a picturesque trip following the old German railway track by manual or motor trolley.

If you travel with your camper or tent, you are welcome in our closed camping - with access to electricity and shower facilities at your disposal.

Parking area, hotel and restaurant are monitored 24h with CCTV cameras. There is also 24h security on the spot.


Wolf's Lair is open 24/7 all year round, but to explore it better come between dawn and dusk.

The restaurant is also open throughout the year, seven days a week. Opening hours are dependent on the season:

January, February 8:00-14:00
March, April 8:00-15:00
May 8:00-17:00
June 8:00-18:00
July, August 8:00-20:00
September 8:00-17:00
October 8:00-16:00
November 8:00-15:00
December 8:00-14:00

Please call to make sure, because those hours tend to change.
For groups it is possible to order a meal or organize events at other times.
The bar at the hotel reception is open 24 hours a day throughout the year.


[PL] Adamkowicz Sławomir     sł     510 878 767
[PL] Borkowska Zenobia    510 378 711
[PL] Burdyło Dorian                         697 966 686
[PL] Cwalina Marzena                   693 086 691
[PL] Dragun Marek                    601 662 159
[PL][FR]Dziadek Henryk         606 776 732
[PL][DE]Dziadek Irena                606 827 755
[PL] Dziemianczyk Bolesław                                                   663 342 313
[PL] Filipczuk Władysława                           606 224 132
[PL] Frontczak Ewa                                                            789 019 097
[PL] Frontczak Dariusz                                                              512 996 520
[PL] Frontczak Genowefa                                                         516 099 468
[PL][RUS]Grygorczyk Roscisław                                            660 095 983
[PL] Jasowicz Krzysztofa     506 948 706
[PL][DE]Kołakowski Kazimierz                                              693 221 517
[PL][EN]Korowaj Jadwiga         601 677 202
[PL] Krupa Ryszard                     503 895 828
[PL]Małkowski Ryszard                  608 652 501
[PL] Masłon Andrzej               511 596 717
[PL][EN]Michałowski Waldemar               604 878 825
[PL] Nowicka Elwira                      889 926 862
[PL] Ojdym Kazimiera                    600 116 633
[PL][RUS]Ostrowski Jan   601 236 940
[PL][RUS][DE][EN]Puciato Czesław      666 288 261
[PL][EN]Puciato Marcin                 500 799 154
[PL] Rawski Stefan                                517 405 588
[PL] Sadowska Mieczysława                                                   600 649 336
[PL][DE]Sieminski Stanisław                    604 205 229
[PL] Sobczak Andrzej                              513 051 897
[PL][DE]Szynkowski Jerzy                         605 052 865
[PL] Szleszyński Zbigniew                604 458 615
[PL]Wojciechowski Waldemar    89 751 4660
[PL][DE]Zduniak Jan                      609 481 371
[PL][DE]Zarzecki Jarosław       692234395
[PL]Żurowski Stanisław                                                            89 751 0574

Reservations: +48 (89) 752 4429 Fax: +48 (89) 752 4432, Wilcze Gniazdo j.v. Sp. z o.o. Gierłoż, 11-400 Kętrzyn




HOTEL (breakfast included)

Single room : 80 pln
Double room : 120 pln
Family room : 170 pln

from 8 A.M. until dusk)

Adults : 15 pln
Children and students : 10 pln



Bus : 25 pln
Coach : 15 pln
Car : 10 pln
Motorbike : 5 pln
Bicycle : 2 pln


Camper : 20 pln
Trailer : 15 pln
Tent : 10 pln
Car : 10 pln
Motorbike : 5 pln
Bicycle : 2 pln
Adults : 15 pln/night, kids and students : 10 pln/night

languages: PL,DE,EN,RU,FR

Coach group : 80 pln
Individual tourists : 60 pln